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May. 16th, 2011

Here my remorse lies unattended
Embellished with tears and heartbreak
Your scent permeates the stagnant haze
This prison slowly, silently, decays

Here my sorrow lies unfettered
Fluttering about with need and desire
Your shadow creeps around and stumbles
This cage slowly, silently, crumbles

Why do you sing, why do you sleep
Why do you scream, why do you weep
Without a window, without a shade
Were you truly, truly betrayed?

Here my love lies unbroken
Adorning various truths and lies
Your voice echoes off the walls
This haven slowly, silently falls

Here my heart lies asleep
Dreaming of memories bittersweet
Your love dissipates through the skies
This refuge slowly, silently dies.


you talk about your wounds, and your healing scars
and let's discuss this privately now
[how many times has this been covered?]
[it's not a problem], i say, [and go on]

i'd talk about nothing else aside from you
and let's discuss this, publicly now
[how many times have i said i love you?]
[it's not a problem], you say, [and carry on]

we'd talk about nothing else that i can remember
and we'd discuss this under the covers, whispering
[how many times have we done this now?]
[it's not a problem], you say, and continue on

now [there's nothing left to talk about], you say
we shouldn't be discussing this at all, but i ask
[how many times have you been wanting to leave?]
[it was always a problem], you say, and move on.


so we'll occasionally find
sleep beneath the covers
and we'll be, as always
the fraction of a whole

casually spin these lights above
and we'll illuminate the room
with some of your skin, cool
to the touch, but barely (enough)

and then we'll occasionally find
clarity, through the fog
and we'll be, as always
the glass that's thinly cracked

causality is a grenade waiting
waiting to light up, as we pass
the blame, the fault, the lies
and the cruelty yet remains (with us)

and we'll occasionally find
peace, through the arguments
few and far between, we'll be
as always, the failing of a lifetime.


my site's gone. well, no, it's still there. it's just not mine anymore, so i figured i'd post whatever i still write here.



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